Cheap Replica Watches Cartier Astromystérieux For Sale

Dual mysterious Cartier watches and the mysterious hour the tourbillon wrist watch, launched in 2016 SIHH again Astromystérieux, carrying with the pointer of the axis of rotation of escapement, mysterious aesthetic Cheap Replica Cartier Watches For Sale had begun a new chapter.

Cartier Astromystérieux

Best Sale Replica Watches Cartier Astromystérieux For Sale secret lies in the exquisite structure: the mystery of movement was fully atmosphere surrounded, as in the case of impending floating, not bound by gravity. And movement of the concealed gear space was narrowed, as much as possible to endow them with stunning visual effects.


Astromystérieux work with traditional tourbillon not, rotating frame is driven by connected to fixed gear box spring. And unlike traditional tourbillon, Cheap Fake Watches Cartier Astromystérieux For Sale framework on a shaft center, turn a circle every hour. Its structure is composed of escapement and balance balance wheel, not only include gear train and box spring. A larger diameter sapphire crystal disk as the lower bridge plate, the tourbillon framework and two bridge plate on a fixed balance balance wheel, a fixed tackled longitudinal mechanism, gear train and box spring. The tourbillon framework itself in the process of rotational minutes. With Astromystérieux, Best Sale Fake Watches Cartier Astromysterieux will tourbillon of aesthetic and art to new heights.


Above is professional to bring us the SIHH 2016 Geneva international advanced clock salon the forefront of the latest information, and then give more to you a more intuitive show reports, please attention.

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