Do You Know CPCP Of Luxury US Replica Cartier Watches?

In 1997, Cartier launched a batch of Tank watches with top quality and in 1998, the watch brand officially created the CPCP – Collection Privee Cartier Paris. The collection is very unique as Cartier gathered all the legendary watches appearing in the history here. The watches belonging to this collection weren’t with the unified style and there were square models, round models and even strange models.

The dial of CPCP Cartier is made of precious 18K gold.
White Gold Case Replica Cartier

All the sophisticated Cartier copy watches are equipped with high-quality movement including the Jaeger-LeCoultre, Piaget, THA, FP and so on. Meanwhile, all these purchased movement will be with individually treatment.

The other feature of the CPCP is the unique pattern on the dial.
Blue Hands Copy Cartier Watch

Although the appearance of charming imitation watches belonging to CPCP is similar to the regular models but they have differences in detail. The dials of CPCP are made by 18K gold. In addition to the logo of Cartier, there will also be the word of “Paris”, symbolizing they are belonging to the CPCP.

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