Introducing The Hypnose Watch Collection From Replica Cartier Watches

During the presentation of their 93 new references at SIHH 2016, it was easy to remember that luxury replica Cartier wathces has a history as both a watchmaker and a jeweler. Founded by jeweler Louis-François Cartier in 1847, the company earned its reputation as a watchmaker in 1904, when grandson Louis created a watch with a leather wrist strap for his aviator friend Alberto Santos-Dumont.


Back to the SIHH, with our heads reeling from gazing at the Rotonde de Cartier Astromystérieux, the Clé de Cartier Automatic Skeleton, and the depth of the panther’s eyes in the Ballon Bleu de Cartier enamel granulation panther motif, we needed a headshake to realize that we were also being introduced to not one, but two brand new collections, never seen before.

Esteemed for both its high watchmaking and high jewelry, cheap replica Cartier watches is above all, a relentlessly creative House that aims to marry technique with emotion. That emotion is sometimes provoked with experimental shapes, as demonstrated by the Crash collection.


Today’s new collections, “Drive” for men, already presented by Haute Time (Introducing the Drive de Cartier Collection) and “Hypnose” for ladies, both attest to Cartier’s active pursuit to shake up traditional shapes with bold new styles.

With “Hypnose”, we discover that we can get just as lost staring into its dizzying design as we can fixing the heartbeat of the Tourbillon Mystérieux Azuré pendant watch. The reasons differ; the haute qualité is the same.


With “Hypnose,” the strong lines with black and white contrasting tones draw you into a never-ending spiral of timekeeping that will make your head spin. Graphic ellipses of black lacquer and white brilliant-cut diamonds, warmed with a feminine, oval shaped case, create a watch that is the perfect match for sophisticated evening attire and exquisite day wear, depending upon the version. Sale replica Cartier Astromystérieux watches.

Cartier-Hypnose-Collection _

A jewelry watch that’s hypnotically fascinating, “Hypnose” is destined to become a major new watchmaking classic among the Cartier collections. And once again, Haute Time photographer Alex Teuscher has outdone himself to bring you these photos.


Available in 5 versions and 2 sizes: Small model 30mm x 26.2 mm x 7.5mm. Large model 37.8mm x 33.3mm x 7.6mm.

Both in 18-carat pink or white gold with bezel-set or bezel and dial-set with brilliant-cut diamonds and black alligator leather strap; or bezel, dial and bracelet-set with brilliant-cut diamonds. Black lacquer. Quartz movement.

Prices from €23,000 to €145,000, excl. taxes.

Official launch in May. Pre-launch in April in the Middle East.

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