Let’s Review Three Popular Business Replica Leather Strap Watches

If you’ve been following along here on through 2017, you’ve probably heard me laud replica Seiko watches brands for the number of great, affordable watches they’ve introduced this year. Obviously the term “affordable” is relative, but it’s nice to see brands big and small put effort into creating quality products under $10,000 (in many cases well under $10,000) that can appeal to both new watch buyers and seasoned collectors alike. With 2018 fast approaching, I thought I’d look back at a few of my favorites, focusing specifically on simple time-only and time-and-date watches at fair prices that I think would be solid choices for nearly anyone.

Grand Seiko SBGW253

It’s not uncommon during Baselworld for new releases to create a bit of a stir online – but this watch created downright craziness. A stainless steel tribute to the very first Grand Seiko from 1960, this is pure, clean, and awesome. The SBGW253 has a numeral-free dial that features razor-sharp hands for the hours and minutes and a bright blued steel seconds hand to add a little color. This is the rare modern watch that you could easily mistake for a genuine vintage piece and the fact that it is a great looking, affordable limited edition – and the first watch to feature the new Seiko-free Grand Seiko branding on the dial – contributed to its success.

Grand Seiko replica watches.

Tudor Black Bay 41

This might not be the most groundbreaking watch on this list, but it is one of the best. While more than a few of us over here at HODINKEE HQ are, and always have been, huge fans of the Black Bay 36, it’s just a reality of the modern watch market that selling 36mm wristwatches to men is pretty tough these days. So, Tudor took the same no-nonsense design and put it in a 41mm case that is a little more consumer-friendly. The Tudor Black Bay 41 fake watches are great looking time-only watch (no date!!!) that is about as all-purpose as it gets. Personally, I suggest getting it on the steel bracelet and finding yourself a nice distressed leather strap to rotate in when you need a change of pace.

Black dial Tudor fake watches.

Cartier Tank Américaine In Steel

When I reviewed the new stainless steel Tank Américaine copy watches a few weeks ago, I didn’t really pull any punches. I love this watch. For the 100th anniversary of the iconic Tank, Cartier could have succumbed to temptation and created some sort of overwrought, overthought, out-of-left-field tribute piece or haute horlogerie talking piece. Instead, they smartly stuck to what works and created the Américaine in steel for the very first time. The result is a super wearable watch that for a lot of people could be the first and last nice watch they ever need to buy, while still having that dose of watch nerd nostalgia to keep the die-hards interested.

Cartier tank copy watches.

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