LIST: 4 ways to wear the Clé de Cartier

It turns out the Chris Edwards from Oscar Hunt Tailors has something of a knack for finding the right threads to go with the right wristwear. Not only has he tailored a suit to perfectly match a watch, he’s also given us some solid advice on how to wear a gold watch with grace and style. So we decided to test Chris’s sartorial skills one more time, finding four distinct looks for four versions of a most distinctive watch – the Clé de Cartier.

Luxury Fake Clé de Cartier in pink gold Watches


Chris Edwards: Pink gold is rich, warm and luxurious on its own, and when paired with a brown alligator strap it gains in texture and character. Natural linen also creates its own character over time, showcased with earthy warm tones in this summer look. RRP $25,100

Sale Replica Clé de Cartier in pink gold and steel Watches


CE: A steel bracelet is perfect for a smarter casual outfit. The touches of rose gold bring warmth to the overall aesthetic of the watch that would work well with a textured taupe sports jacket. RRP $13,600

Cheap Fake Clé de Cartier in steel


CE: The classic rule of accessorising is bouncing colours off each other. This coastal Amalfi look with tones of white and shades of ocean blue combine beautifully with the clean lines and ivory/blue dial of the Clé. RRP $7,700

Replica Watches Clé de Cartier Skeleton


CE: This skeletonised watch shows off the amazing workings of time, fundamentally unchanged for centuries. Similarly, pinstripes and windowpane checks are the underpinnings of classic gentlemanly style. For this reason, the two work perfectly together. RRP $78,500

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