Madonna With 18K Gold Replica Cartier Panthere Watch US

During the peak of her illustrious career Madonna was most often spotted wearing perfect fake Cartier Panthere watches, the timeless piece was launched in 1983 and was a staple for many celebrities of the time.

After wearing the watch on her own wrist for many years and by the time she had sold more than 70 million albums wordwide, she is believe to have gifted the timepiece to Candian singer Alanis Morisette.

White Dial Fake Cartier Panthere Watches

The Swiss made replica watches was available until 2004 after 21 years of being bought by the wealthy and famous, however after the brand noticed a resurgence in vintage watches it was brought back in 2017.

They relaunched the piece in steel or gold, giving the option of having it with or without diamonds, alongside the tagline ‘Jewellery first, timepiece second.’

Madonna’s own watch featured a quartz moves and a signature blue sapphire Crown.

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